What to know about Agadir!

Marina Agadir-Agadir Advisor
Marina Agadir, The most classy places in Agadir. Where you will fine the best coffees, restaurants, shops and apartement.

Brief History

Agadir is one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco and Africa!
As the most of us know, Agadir was completely rebuild after a devastating earthquake 29 February 1960 at 11:40 pm.
Agadir after the earquake-Agadir Advisor
Agadir After the earthquake, fully damaged!

After the disaster, Agadir now becomes first destination for sun in Morocco and the  second touristic destination after Marrakech thanks to its temperate weather and the  beauty of the city.
Satellite view of Agadir
Satellite view of Agadir shows the length of its sandy beaches, What a Lovely Place! 

Warm weather!

Agadir offers a very pleasant climate throughout the year,  with more that 300 sunny days a year. The winter is very moderate.  At the summer, the ocean breeze and waives take away it’s stifling heat.
Agadir is the best sun and sea destination.  

taghazout-Agadir Advisor
Taghazout beach, 25 km from Agadir. Where the golden sand meets the Atlantic waves.
The  Annual average temperature 25 °C which is perfect to enjoy the beaches.
Agadir is the first Moroccan seaside resort. It is located in the south of Morocco, 269 Km from Marrakech and only 173 Km away from Essaouira.

When Visit Agadir?

The best season to visit Agadir is spring, April, May, June and the summer( July, August and September).
From July to September, Agadir Bay gets frequently affected by the fog, and specially at the morning. At the evenings and Sundays, the inhabitants go out and take a little place  of the corniche.
Agadir at night time is the best place you can see !

There is coffee shops that play local and Moroccan music to give an authentic touch to the marina .


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